✨Gluon Overview

Gluon is a novel family of cryptocurrency stabilization protocols inspired by nuclear physics that, instead of issuing new tokens, breaks a pre-existing volatile token into stable components (neutrons) and unstable components (protons). It enjoys the following properties:

  • reversibility: it is always possible to fusion neutrons and protons back into the original asset.

  • autonomy: once deployed to a blockchain, the protocol can run by itself, with no need to be operated by a third party. As a consequence, a Gluon deployment can also be:

    • zero-governance: it does not need to be governed by anyone.

    • immutable: a deployment and its parameters can remain unchanged, non-updatable, thus guaranteeing that no one will ever be able to update the contract's logic, in ways that could be undesirable or even malicious for those who hold funds in the contract.

    • rent-seeking free: since there is no need for a third party to operate the deployment, there is also no need for any third party to extract abusive fees from the deployment. The deployments can become free and public infra-structure on the underlying blockchains.

Formal verification and implementation of this protocol are currently ongoing.

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